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Gate turn-off thyristors (GTO)

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Gate turn-off thyristors (GTO)

상품 상세설명

Gate turn-off thyristors (GTO)

Production of GTOs commenced in the mid 1980s. A GTO is a thyristor that can be turned off by applying a current to the gate in the reverse direction to that required to turn it on.
GTOs are optimized for low conduction losses. The typical on-off switching frequency is in the range of 200 - 500 hertz for most applications. GTOs are, by nature, relatively slow switches.
Typical transition times from on to off state and vice versa are in a range of 10 - 30 microseconds. All GTOs require protective networks called "snubbers" for turn-on and turn-off. The turn-on snubber circuit, in essence an inductor, limits the rate of current rise. For turn-off, the GTO requires a device that limits the rate of voltage rise, in essence a capacitor.
All ABB GTOs are press-pack devices. They are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve as electrical contacts to the power terminals.

Asymmetric Gate Turn-off Thyristors (GTO)

Asymmetric GTOs are divided in two categories: Buffer layer and Standard. Buffer layer GTOs have exceptionally low on-state and dynamic losses. Fine pattern types (5SGF) are optimised for fast switching and transparent emitter (5SGT) for low on-state losses. The Standard GTOs have excellent trade-off between on-state and switching losses.
For downloading and printing of data sheets in PDF format, click on the part numbers.

Asymmetric GTOs(Standard) Datasheet
Part Numbe VDRM (V) VDC (V) ITHQM @ CS (A) ITGQM @ CS (µF) Package* (mm)
*Note: Pole-piece diameter / Housing height
5SGA 15F2502250014001500375/47
5SGA 20H2501250014002000493/63
5SGA 25H2501250014002500693/63
5SGA 30J25012500140030005108/75
5SGA 06D450245002800600158/34
5SGA 20H4502450022002000493/63
5SGA 30J45024500280030006108/75
5SGA 40L45014500280040006120/85
Asymmetric GTOs(Buffer layer) Datasheet
Part Numbe VDRM (V) VDC (V) ITHQM @ CS (A) ITGQM @ CS (µF) Package* (mm)
*Note: Pole-piece diameter / Housing height
Buffer layer
5SGF 30J45024500300030003108/75
5SGF 40L45024500280040006120/85
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