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High-quality power semiconductor modules now support lower voltages

The Frontend, also called line-side converter, converts an AC voltage to DC and supplies it to the DC-Link. Depend-ing on the operating scheme, diodes, thyristors or even IGBTs might be used for this application. Typically prod-ucts such as Hitachi ABB Power Grids Semiconductors’ 60Pak diode and thyristor modules might be used be-cause they feature industry-standard housings and very low losses together with the highest operating tempera-tures. This allows these devices to deliver the highest performance under load cycling, high thermal utiliza-tion, increased overload capability and many more benefits. The 60Pak product family has press-force construction, where the assembly is pressed by the main spring to the baseplate (cooler), instead of a soldered connection. This construction produces a better performance, particularly improved reliability over the device's lifetime.

  • Insulated baseplate by AIN ceramic
  • Precision pressure contacts for high reliability
  • Industry standard housing
  • Controlled line frequency bridge arm
  • AC motor soft starters
  • DC motor drives
Key parameters
  • VDRM, VRRM = 1800 V
  • ITAVm = 542 A
  • ITSM = 14 000 A
  • VTO = 0.845 V
  • rT = 0.380 mΩ


High-quality power semiconductor modules now support lower voltages


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